Satellite Image Map


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of Big Bend National Park and Ajacent Areas

Science meets art!  This visually fascinating image map is a computer generated composite of middle-infrared, near-infrared, and visible light. Vegetation appears in various shades of green and yellow green. Rocks and soils show up in a virtual rainbow of colors; for example the red-orange blotches are shallow igneous intrusions and the purple and black masses are volcanic rocks. Several prominent circular features appear, including the Solitario. Useful to geologists and other earth scientists, but it's also a great decorative piece for framing.

Scale 1:150,000 (one centimeter on the map represents 1.5 kilometers). Pixel size is 30m square, about the size of a typical residential lot

27" x 39" on heavy poster stock. Comes with an interpretive key

The copyright holder believes that the original files are lost and no more copies can be made.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of length restrictions, this item cannot be shipped internationally. The price for US orders includes a shipping surcharge; this item is available at a lower cost in our Panther Junction store for in-person purchases.

  • Model: MAP-BIBE-02
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