Science Comics: Bats-- Learning to Fly


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By Falynn Koch

Little Brown Bat has a broken wing! But fear not; thanks to friendly humans and a trained park ranger, the little guy gets to recover at an animal rehabilitation center. While he’s healing, he meets bats from around the world and learns about their lives and contributions. Did you know that fruit bats help replant forests? That bat saliva has been used to make life-saving medicine? How about that a single bat can eat thousands of mosquitos in one night? Along with Little Brown Bat, learn what makes these flying mammals so special.

An educational book in comic book disguise! Scientific content is detailed enough for young zoology researchers, and the attractive graphic novel format and storyline are appealing to casual and reluctant readers.

Grades 3-8.

128 pgs, approx. 6.1 x 0.3 x 8.5 inches

First Second Books (2017)

  • Model: 9781626724082
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