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Rock Art Savvy: The Responsible Visitor's Guide to Public Sites of the Southwest by Ronald D. Sanders
This user-friendly guide describes more than 100 mostly public, easy-access rock art sites in Arizona, southern California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and western Texas, with a special section on Baja California, Mexico. Written in a lively, conversational style and brimming with helpful information, Rock Art Savvy shows both novices and seasoned rock art aficionados how to get the most from their visits while respecting the integrity of the sites.

Rock Art Savvy includes all the information visitors need for enjoying the selected sites. Part 1 is devoted to general information about rock art and the people who created it. Part 2 provides state-by-state listings, including directions to, descriptions of, and contact information for each site. One hundred black-and-white photos and eight color plates enhance the text, and a comprehensive glossary explains many less-familiar terms.

Like many rock art preservation advocates, the author believed that most vandalism is done out of ignorance; therefore, the best way to protect these fragile treasures is to increase public awareness. Encouraging people to visit petroglyph and pictograph sites allows them to see the beauty and value of rock art for themselves.

Curious travelers, amateur archaeologists, students of indigenous American cultures, and rock art enthusiasts of every level will find wisdom and delight in this smart, practical book. 

Paperback, 6" x 9", 264 pages. Mountain Press.

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